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WWII Milner
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2015 Heritage Fair
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2015 Fredericton North Heritage FairĀ 
Kinsmen Centre, Saturday, April 11
Ruth Murgatroyd and two associates at the Fredericton Regional Museum display.
New Brunswick Welsh Cultural Society display.
FNHA President with the FNHA banner.
FNHA members Jean Mabie and Jill Hargrove at the reception and membership booth.
Panels of the Alexander "Boss" Gibson display.
George Crawford at his Rail Road Collection display.
FNHA member Eleanor Stillwell demonstrating the art of tatting.
New Brunswick Scottish Cultural Society display.
Keswick Valley Historical Society display.
School Days Museum display.
Fredericton Police Department display.
FNHA members Marjorie Hughes and Carol Randall with the Devon Remembers book display.