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WWII Milner
WWII Milner
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More Events
2015 Heritage Fair
2019 Heritage Fair

Visitors to the old photo display of the Fredericton North Heritage North Association.
Marysville heritage display.
School Days Museum display.
New Brunswick Military Museum display.
A visitor at the New Brunswick Scottish Cultural Association display.
FNHA members Anne Trecartin and Eleanor Stillwell at the Fredericton North Heritage Association reception and new member booth.
Imagine Fredericton display.
The Dobie House book display.
Fredericton Police Department display.
The Coy Bakery display.
Visitors at the Irish Canadian Cultural Association New Brunswick display.
People looking at the main display of the Fredericton North Heritage Association.
Fredericton Heritage Trust display.
New Brunswick Genealogy Society display.
Keswick Ridge Historical Society display.
2017 Fredericton North Heritage FairĀ 

Saturday, April 29, Kinsmen Centre