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December 12, 2008 (The Daily Gleaner)
Councillor says old roundhouse could be turned into a museum.  More
December 27, 2008 (Northside News)
Northside collector celebrates Fredericton's sport heritage.  More
October 24, 2006 (The Daily Gleaner)
Hardworking and kindhearted, She has a positive outlook.  More
On behalf of the Association, our goal is to assist in developing policies, programs and initiatives for the identification and preservation of Fredericton North's heritage. Presently, we are researching the street names and farms of Fredericton North. We are seeking input from the general membership and interested citizens on who or why the streets have the names they have and exactly  where the farms were located, etc.. Is there a street, house, farm or building you would like to know about; or do you have information to share with us on the streets or farms?
    Let us know and we will share the information we have, or follow up on any additional information provided.
Heritage Identification and Preservation Committee

"Ashes and Rebirth: 
St. Mary's Ferry/North Devon". 
Visit this exhibit on-line at the following link.

Please note that FNHA  launched a new version of the VMC and are still in the process of updating our databases. Consequently, the exhibit may not be found when using the search function on virtualmuseum.ca. We have made the correction of this issue a top priority, so the exhibit should be available to search within the near future.

Fredericton North Heritage Association, Inc.
June 22, 2010 (Daily Gleaner)
Marysville landmarks named to Fredericton's historic places register. More
Men of the Whooper
   Walter Long's new book is now available (November 2013). The Whooper was a steam engine and passenger train named after the famous ghost of the Dungarvan River. The lonely sound of the train whistle reminded people along the track of the murdered cook of the Dungarvan lumber camp. 
   Men of the Whooper is a 156 page book detailing Walter's work life with the C.N.R., with several pictures that have never been published before this time. It delves into the history of this railway and others that were developed in central New Brunswick, with special attention to the South Devon rail yards, which were so important to this operation. The book includes many pictures and names of people who worked on the railway, whose main line ran from Devon to Newcastle. Those that have relatives who were railway workers, will be especially interested in the group pictures taken on retirement of the older workers. 
   The book is available at the Jean Coutu Pharmacy, Devon Plaza, for $20. A revised book with the names of 40 more railway men, has been available since January 20, 2014 onwards at the store.

A book launch and signing took place on October 31st, 2015, for David Sullivan's new illustrated history publication, Boss Gibson: Lumber King of New Brunswick. 

The author traces Gibson’s rise from humble sawyer in the lumber mills of Milltown and St. Stephen to the pinnacle of his success as the acknowledged king of New Brunswick lumbermen. Chapters outline the founding of Marysville, Gibson’s home base, the development of the Nashwaak as a timber river of the first importance, the construction of the New Brunswick Railway, the Marysville cotton mill, the Canada Eastern Railway and Fredericton Railway Bridge, Gibson’s rule in Marysville, and an account of his behind-the-scenes influence in York County politics. A final chapter recounts the dissolution of Gibson’s empire in the last decade of his life and attempts some assessment of the man’s character and legacy. Items of special interest touch on the temperance movement in the lumber business, the stumpage crisis of 1874, working conditions in the cotton industry, the Marysville revivals and carnivals, and Gibson’s various philanthropic endeavours such as his magnificent gothic church.

Well-known for his previous books on the history of St. Andrews, Ministers Island, and the Algonquin Hotel, the author was on hand to sign copies at The Ville Cooperative (former Alexander Gibson Memorial School), at 241 Canada Street between 9:30 and 2:30, Saturday October 31


2017 was the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the area known as “the Dobie” in Devon. To mark this occasion a book, The Dobie, has been prepared which provides background information, displays the houses and traces the owners for the first fifteen years. Many people grew up, moved through or spent their entire lives in the Dobie. Many relationships, friendships, and memories have resulted from the interaction of those who lived in this community.The book can be purchased from Bob McNeil at 472-9757 or mcneilrm@nbnet.nb.ca The cost is $25.00. 

     Boss Gibson: Lumber King of New Brunswick. 
The annual FNHA Christmas Party donated $80.00 and a box of 250 teabags to the Fredericton Food Bank from their gathering on December 8, 2015
2016 Fredericton North Heritage Fair 
Go to this link to see photos of the Heritage Fair:  www.facebook.com/FrederictonRegionMuseum/photos/
The Dobie 
2018 Heritage Fair Door Prize Winners 

Jim McElman -  two bottles of wine
Kim Buckley - two bottles of wine
M. Schneider - basket of preserves
G.C. Bonnell - $20 Tim Horton's Gift Card
Kathleen Good Waite - hockey stick wall hanger 
2018 Heritage Fair 50/50 Draw Winner
Rena Jean - $98.50 
                       Cardigan 200 Celebration Links 

Poster 1
Poster 2                                     Background
​2019 Heritage Fair Door Prize Winners 

Child's  adirondack chair........David Adams 
Two bottles of wine ...........Marge Wetmore
  Ramada $25. Gift card.......Sheila Burtt
  $20 gift card to Tim Horton’s.....Beverly Plume
  3 FNHA Journals......Ann Corbett
2019 Heritage Fair 50/50 Draw Winner
Mary Goodspeed - $71
                             Heritage Fair 2023

                            Saturday, October 21

                                10 am - 3 pm  

             Kinsmen Centre on School Street